Our Mission Against Toxic Toys


Toxic toys are being sold everywhere, and Plzur wants it to stop!

The adult toy industry is plagued with toys made from toxic, porous, and just downright questionable materials. At Plzur we take our customers' health seriously! Our mission ensures we only carry toys made from 100% body safe materials. We vow to:

  • Never sell toys containing phthalates
  • Display clearly what every toy is made from
  • Provide awareness and education so everyone can make an informed purchase


Plzur's 4-Level Rating System

To make informed shopping on Plzur easier than ever, we have created our simple toy material rating system. Products are rated a level between 1 and 4, depending on what the product is made from. We will never sell toys rated level 1 on our system, which are toys containing phthalates. Good luck finding another adult toy site that sticks to these strict guidelines!

*We also categorize "phthalate-free" materials with negative or questionable test results as Level1

Want to learn more?

If some of these terms are new to you (or you want a refresher) then check out our Materials 101 page for a detailed explanation of toy materials, along with their individual concerns and maintenance requirements.